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Recruiting Questions for a Prospective Board Member

Assessing and evaluating prospective board members requires carefully planning and precise questions.  The level of preparation is similar to screening a C-suite executive and requires a thoughtful approach.  The following are a list of questions that help one assess a candidate for an open board of director position. Here’s our preferred 10-top questions:

    1. What are your personal objectives or goals for a board, and your expectations for a director?


    1. What would you suggest your unique contribution to be?


    1. What are your personal criteria for joining a board (presumable beyond just being invited)?


    1. What other boards are you currently on or have previously been on?


    1. What were some of the most interesting experiences you have had related to boards, and some of the most important things you have learned?


    1. Were you ever considered for a board and not selected?


    1. What would your expectations be for the time necessary for our board?


    1. What is your expectation for the compensation package for directors?


    1. What extracurricular or outside interest do you have?


  1. What is the most difficult problem and decision that a board you have been on has had to deal with?
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