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We recruit executives who positively impact your Board

Beal Associates knows your search for a specialized director candidate is unique to your business. Beal’s search professionals work with your board to understand its long-term growth strategy, culture, and expertise gaps to identify the specific search criteria. Then we perform a customized board search using Beal’s proven recruitment process and utilizing its extensive network to find the best candidates. We conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate and provide a list of the most qualified directors, working closely with the board through the entire process.

For Board of Directors

A Beal Associates’ Partner will lead and engage personally on every board of director search.  Our experts assist you in defining the needs and requirements of your next Board member.  Our best practices in board searches result in high-quality placements for our clients around the country


Beal Associates’ subject matter expert will partner with you to uncover risks and discover potential opportunities either through formal board evaluations or through informal assessments. The Beal team understands the nuances of the boardroom. Their candid and confidential feedback results in concrete action plans.


Beal will collaborate with you to develop a matrix that benchmarks the individual and collective skill sets of your board against its strategy, resulting in the development of a skills-gap analysis. This analysis will shape a succession plan that identifies the critical competencies your board needs to drive short- and long-term success.


Beal Associates search professionals identify exceptional directors from their expansive candidate network. Our search professionals have many years of experience in board recruitment on a national scope.  They draw upon expertise in recruitment strategies to identify and place the right executives who are both a strategic and a cultural fit with your board.


Beal takes great pride in the successful placement of an executive into a board of director position.  Beal knows that the new executive will add immediate and long-term value to the company they direct and serve.

Are You Ready for A Confidential Conversation? 

Contact Beal Associates to begin a confidential conversation.  Beal knows it’s critical to define your organization’s specific requirements and needs before starting any recruiting engagement for a board of director position.